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“The Man Who Predicted 9/11” — More Info

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"Great buildings will topple into eternity!" ...Anthony Carr

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    National Enquirer 2024 Predictions
  • CLICK HERE for the most astounding revelation of your life... WAS GOD A STAR-TRAVELER?

    National Enquirer 2023 Predictions

    Gorbachev Anthony Carr



    Putin's Palm Putin's Chart
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    You will find Anthony's 2022 predictions in the NATIONAL ENQUIRER, which hits newsstands Jan. 10th, 2022.

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    Click here for 2022 predictions. (PDF)

    Click here and read a revelation by Anthony Carr.

    Stargazer 2022 Cover
  • BEWARE January 20th! – Mars shall rule at will!!!
    Click here for 2021 predictions. (PDF)

    Check out Anthony's new legacy page!

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    You will find Anthony's 2021 predictions in the NATIONAL ENQUIRER, which hits newsstands Jan. 4th, 2021

    Click here for offical press release.
    Click here for 2021 predictions. (PDF)

    Some people are having a harder time than others adjusting to the pandemic. But not this well-adjusted fellow, who seems to still have all of his marbles (...sort of).
    Check out Cabin Fever 2020, an introspection to how we all are feeling as 2020 comes to a close.

  • Jacqueline Stallone Tribute Video Link

    Anthony Carr reflects on Jacqueline Stallone in latest issue of National Enquirer (now in stands).

    "She was the best of the best"

    Jacqueline Stallone National Enquirer Article

    Anthony's letter to the Stallone family: Click Here

  • “The giant Atlas Comet heading our way will reach its perihelion (closest point to Earth and Sun) May 23rd through May 31st, respectively...”

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  • “A plague to end all plagues! ...It will make the Bubonic plague (or Black Death) feel like a slight cold.”

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  • if he wins another term. (And I dreamt that he did!)

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  • You will find Anthony's predictions in the NATIONAL ENQUIRER, which hits newsstands Dec. 27th, 2019 entitled: Anthony’s 20/20 Vision for 2020!

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    Click here for direct link to his 2020 predictions

    National Enquirer Jan 6 Issue - Cover Page
    National Enquirer Jan 6 Issue - Page 28
    National Enquirer Jan 6 Issue - Page 29

  • “These last two years of his life will be the best two of his life.”

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  • From Anthony's list of 101 prophecies for 1992:
    “Sports sovereign Don Cherry will be the subject of a cause célèbre which will send this king into exile.”

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  • Peter Lonsdale

    in which Canadians dislodged the might of the German army where the French and British could not. My maternal grandfather, Peter Lonsdale (pictured below) fought valiantly as a machine gunner and sniper at Vimy. I am proud to be his grandson.

  • From STARGAZER: Predictions & Prophecies 2016:
    “President-elect DONALD TRUMP is going to march us down the path to hell – and straight into World War III!! Within two years he’ll leave office, either vertically or horizontally, and the Presidency will never be the same again, his having left it in shambles....” Click here to read.

    Also, a special chapter preview of Anthony's upcoming autobiography: “A Fool's Journey”...

    “SAVAGE!!!” (Sid Commandant)

    “Pow! – Pow! – two lightning shots to the head!... I reeled, staggered… he charged – and then I knew I was in for the fight of my life!”

    Click here to read SAVAGE!

  • From STARGAZER: Predictions & Prophecies 2018:
    “Boy, if southern California thinks it has problems now with all those fires, just wait until they see what that heat does to underlying tectonic plates which La-La-Land rests upon. The ensuing hot cracks and fissures will suddenly fill with cold water – causing the top layer of Los Angeles to slip into the depths – and oblivion – like warm cheese sliding off a cracker!” Click here to read.

  • Raptors 2019 Win Prediction! & more! Click here to read.

  • Trump, Clinton, WWIII, Disney, The Royals & many more. Click here to read.

    Canadian Flag

    Trudeau, Toronto Maple Leafs and the Toronto Raptors. Click here to read.

  • Santa recently fired poor Rudolph and hired Trump to "guide his sleigh tonight", once he got a good look at that BIG Brown Nose he obtained from shoving it up Putin's ass as far as possible!

    Trump Putin Santa

  • Trudeau Comparison

  • Prince Harry

  • Avengers

  • Trump Face

  • “LADIES NIGHT OUT!” Come spend an evening with this amazing seer! Click here to read.

    Psychic Show

  • Trump, Bitcoin, Disney, The Royals & many more. Click here to read.

  • Pyramid Of Giza

    “The Gods who created us shall descend to Earth from the seven stars. Prepare!”

  • Trump Eclipse

    Why, of course... IT'S THE “DUMP TRUMP” eclipse! In 1979, the last time such a catastrophic, astronomical event occurred over America, then U.S. President, Jimmy Carter, was viciously attacked by a swamp rabbit! (...Swamp rabbit?!)

  • (Or, quite possibly the Golden Gate Bridge.)

    July 4th – or, 7 + 4 = 11! BEWARE!!!

    Brooklyn Bridge

    This is a prophecy about numerology. Specifically the number eleven ("11") which, like the number 22, is not to be tampered with or reduced to its lowest common denominator by adding together each of the double digits to form a single digit, namely – 11: 1+1=2; 22: 2+2=4, because they are both spiritual, and as such are to be left alone... Click here to read more.

  • “This is a prediction about exploding gas mains and conflagrations in and around Toronto. (i.e., the underground gas mains at Yonge and Queen Streets and the acres of construction sites in downtown Toronto). There is to be one tremendous blow-up in 2017 which destroys a large section of the city! (Perhaps terrorists!)”

    (First prophesied STARGAZER: Predictions & Prophecies for 2016; To wit: "Explosion Fills Heart of Toronto's Business District!" May 1, 2017, CBC.)

  • “In my Mind’s Eye I see an image of a tremendous volcanic explosion! Fire – and great plumes of black and white smoke exploding skyward hundreds of feet!... Black hills or mountains in the background. Possibly a super volcano!”

  • "In America, a giant concrete dam – resembling Hoover or Boulder – bursts! Great flood waters throughout the arid land!"

    (First prophesied STARGAZER: Predictions & Prophecies for 2012; to wit: "Crews rush to repair California's damaged Oroville Dam" February 14, 2017, Toronto Sun.)

  • Why Anthony Hates Trump!
    Anthony Carr on Leak Project
  • Gold Hearts with Variety – The Children's Charity
    Karen Stintz
  • Top 11 Predictions for 2016 & Beyond, Hillary as President, WW3, Mark of Beast, More
  • Leak Project Interview with Anthony Carr
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    Hi Tony,

    I forgot to mention – as you know, I'm a filmmaker, and I'm really interested in producing a feature film about your life. I actually knew you (and hung out with you, with Terry) when I was a kid and always found you to be super-cool.

    We'll get together soon.


  • Anthony will be talking with George Noory from Coast to Coast AM about his latest predictions as well as his connection with Houdini. Click here for more info.

  • Anthony Carr featured in Toronto Sun: Is Victory In The Palm Of Their Hand?
  • Anthony Carr on Hillary Clinton for President 2016

    Anthony Carr has predicted since 2001 that Hillary Clinton would become the first U.S woman president.

    Bonus: Anthony Carr does "Al Jolson" Impression

  • Ben E. King, In Memoriam

    Psychic sax player Anthony Carr talks about his time on this Earth with Ben E. King (1938 – 2015).

  • Click here to view article

    Also, now you can buy Anthony's book STARGAZER – Predictions & Prophecies for 2015 – and beyond! on Kindle.

    Stargazer Kindle Edition (United States) (Canada) (United Kingdom)

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  • Psychic Anthony Carr talks about Kate Middleton

    KATE MIDDLETON (Duchess of Cambridge) has a bleak future… I see nothing but turmoil, not unlike the late PRINCESS DIANA. I see a tidal wave of flame sweeping over the couple. It does not bode well!

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  • Psychic Anthony Carr talks about Toronto Mayor Rob Ford

    Anthony's prediction in early 2013 to Rob Ford and Les Pyette (Former publisher, Toronto Sun): "He will be mayor for as long as he wants to be, or until the cows come home, whichever comes first."

    Make sure to tune into KLAV 1230 AM Radio on November 22, 11pm (pacific) for Anthony's latest world and celebrity predictions.

  • Anthony Carr – "Seer on the Street"

    Anthony will be reading the palms of the great, the near great and the not so great, ordinary people on his new psychic reality show this fall. Watch for Anthony coming soon to a street near you!

    Produced by: Scarlett Media

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    Listen to the late Gordon Sinclair (author of "The Americans"), on Anthony Carr's last two pope predictions prior to armagedden (recorded 1979, Radio CFRB 1010).

    "The Rave" Hard Rock Cafe, Toronto

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