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Anthony Carr's Comet Prediction...!

From the "seer without peer" who predicted 9-11!
The Coronavirus plague!!
The world economic crash!!!
– Comes this:...

The giant Atlas Comet heading our way will reach its perihelion (closest point to Earth and Sun) May 23rd through May 31st, respectively. It could leave a tsunami of catastophic events before heading back into deep space – but not before sprinkling its deadly icy cargo of billions years' old microbes all over this planet as its 93-million-mile-long-bullwhip tail snaps loose the Cosmic Menace, and the Sun's heat melts this ancient frozen ice ball. All this – and maybe more!!! Not immediately, but eventually...
20-40 years from now, your children may look like reptilian gargoyles!

"Those in the know," know what happened the last time Atlas Shrugged: mountains and oceans changed places! (Read: Biblical Flood, 10 plagues of Egypt and Worlds In Collision, by Immanuel Velikovsky.)
And today's Coronavirus? It'll look like a mild case of the sniffles, by comparison. Then our slogan may be: "Stay 6 feet apart or go 6 feet under!"...

Coincidentally, the day after I completed this prediction (Sat. May 16th, 2020) and readied it for release, this story ran in the INSIGHT section of the Toronto Star:

Excerpt from: FROM TOLERANCE TO TYRANNY, by Erna Paris:

...In 1348, the people of France and of almost the whole (then known) world, were devestated by an unprecedented calamity: – Bubonic plague! wrote Jean de Venette, the prior of a Carmelite monastery in Paris.
Prior to that (no pun intended), he tells of an evening in March of 1345, just after Vespers, when he witnessed what appeared to him a very big and very bright star toward the west, and thought it may presage a terrible pestilence. How right he was! When it struck he then was certain he had been permitted to see a celestial portent of the plague (a dangerous juxtaposition of Jupiter, Saturn and Mars in the sign of Pisces). When it finally ended, about 1351 – although there still were frequent recurrences throughout the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries – about 25 million people died in all....

From the “Très Riches Heures” of the Duc de Berry, painted by Jean Colombe in 1470:
“...And behold a pale horse, and he that sat upon him, his name was Death!

*“A great comet – not yet observed – is on a collision course with Earth! Yet a slight deviation from its elliptic orb miraculously spares us being slammed into oblivion!”

First prophesied: STARGAZER 2010; to wit: “Dashing For Cover From An Asteroid;” March 12, 2012, Toronto Sun.

*“A giant comet-like object – visible even by day – will appear on the horizon, heralding momentous global changes.”

First prophesied: STARGAZER 2002.

*“In my Mind’s Eye, I see a wall of flame surrounding the British Royal family.... And the killer asteroid flies by!”

First prophesied: STARGAZER 2019.


*“As millions – possibly billions – of baby-boomers slide into old age and infirmity, governments the world over will adjust their taxation priorities to accommodate this powerful gray-haired army.
*We must ensure that responsible people in responsible positions of trust receive more than an adequate wage in order to ensure our aging loved ones are well cared for! (If not, then we are the next generation to be horribly mistreated at the hands of indifferent, cruel, thieving, and incompetent care givers!)”

First prophesied: STARGAZER 2014; to wit: "Ontario adopts emergency order allowing permanent government control over long-term care homes and other aspects – including COVID-19 outbreaks – to vouchsafe the absolute safety and health of our beloved seniors"; May 13, 2020, CTV News.

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