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Anthony Carr's Revised Trump Prediction...

(More colloquially known as "Covering my ass.")

Last night I dreamed of President Trump. In my Mind's Eye, this is what I saw....

He is sitting and reading beside a large, ornately designed wood-framed mirror. I can see his 3-fold reflection.... The first seems to be himself, as he is today; the second is still very clear, albeit slightly fuzzy. But the third appears weirdly distorted – so much so it indicates to me that even if he does manage to see the end of his first term – he most certainly will never see the end of his second! (My initial prediction was "He will not see the end of his second year." – And he still may not!)

This eerily distorted and shimmering faceless figure – which I instinctively sensed was the President – seemed to be leaning way back in his chair, well beyond the other images – and leering directly at him! The President was completely oblivious to it and continuned to read. Could this have been his doppleganger?... Whatever it was it sent chills up my spine – and I sat bolt upright in my bed, bathed in a cold sweat!... Something terrible is going to happen!!... And if he is destined to die, then nothing can stop nor stay the Hand of Destiny....

Trump Mussolini

Trump, after my upcoming prophecy?

From my 2018 Predictions:

Toronto Mayor JOHN TORY “unexpectedly” vacates the office! Ergo, DOUG FORD will be the next Toronto Mayor… as long as he stays away from the word “Libary.” (…This I predicted to radio station CFRB 10-10’s talk-show host TED WOLOSHYN just days before Doug Ford suddenly announced his candidacy.)

...Okay, so I was slightly off-centre. So he's not the next mayor; even better, he's the new leader of the PCs and soon he'll be premier of Ontario and then the next Prime Minister of this great country – Canada!(To wit: "Doug Ford wins Ontario PC leadership after chaotic party race", March 10, 2018, The Star.)


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