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Anthony Carr's Super Plague Prediction...

“A plague to end all plagues! ...It will make the Bubonic plague (or Black Death) feel like a slight cold.”

*The above prediction was first prophesied in STARGAZER: Predictions & Prophecies 2008.
To wit: "Coronavirus pandemic spreads around the globe" March 12, 2020, CNN.

And with the economy...

“As I have already accurately predicted, economically Canada and America are about to reach the saturation point of the GNP (Gross National Product), after which the market place balloon will burst leaving all in shambles! Yet products connected with “sin-tax” (not syntax) will continue to flourish: — booze, broads, drugs, sex and gambling; movies and entertainment in general will continue to prosper! Major and minor Canadian cities once again become favorite movie-making centers and tax havens for the American film industry.”

*The above prediction was first prophesied in STARGAZER: Predictions & Prophecies 2008.

“Like an elevator car whose cable snaps at the hundredth floor, North American real estate plummets! People with only a few dollars will be able to buy up whole blocks of houses and commercial properties — that is, if the present currency is still worth anything, since monies the world over will be useless without the gold standard behind it. The next ‘coin of the realm’ may very well be bottle caps or bellybutton lint!... The Canadian dollar isn’t worth much more than that, anyhow.”

“The financial world is precariously balanced on the precipice of collapse! Worse than the ‘dirty 30s’ — when the few who possessed money — money that was then backed by the gold standard and so were still considered solvent — this crash will render even the billions of “pieces of paper” floating around the world — worthless, as entire civilizations frantically search for new currency.”...

“Although the American dollar loses ground, it shall remain the world’s strongest currency; which is to say: whoever carries the biggest military stick will always wield the financial power. And as far as I know it still is and will continue to be — AMERICA!”

*The above prediction was first prophesied in STARGAZER: Predictions & Prophecies 2008.

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