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Anthony Carr on Trump vs. Trudeau...

The following prediction first prophesied in STARGAZER 2017.

Canadian Prime Minister JUSTIN TRUDEAU proves to be Canada’s answer to pre-WWII British Prime Minister NEVILLE CHAMBERLAIN. (Remember?... “Peace in our time”?) This P.M. is eventually replaced by a more militant one.

To wit: “‘Meek and mild’: Trump’s anti-Trudeau tweets send the G7 into chaos” — National Post, Jun 9, 2018.

After his meeting with Trump at G7 2018, Trudeau said: "We came to a significant agreement" ...Sound familiar?... Is Trudeau a Neville Chamberlain doppleganger ("Peace in our time.")? Because moments later, Trump symbolically ripped up that "significant agreement," just as Hitler had done.

Anthony's Personal Message to Trump:

Mr. Trump, your arrogance and arrogant jaw remind me of Mr. Mussolini and Herr Hitler, and you know what happened to them! Regardless of how immportal you may feel at this moment, trust me, as one old guy to another, there's very little time left ahead for either of us. As I would suggest to anyone my age, set your house in order and be prepared. President Trump, you have a lot of hutzpah calling Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau "meek and mild." ...This, from a "man" whose father procurred for him no less than five deferments to keep him from the Vietnam War — even though you attended a private military school! (More info on Trump's Draft record: here.) Meek and mild — indeed! I would wager a thousand to one on my Prime Minister's boxing skills against your "wrestling skills," any day of the week. And even in Vegas — where I worked back in the day — when it really was Las Vegas, run by the mob!

As for your reference to our burning down your White House during the 1812 war, it's true. But only after you guys snuck up here, sacked and completely razed Toronto (formerly York) to the ground! So, in keeping with the American and Canadian philosophy of true reciprocity, we then slipped down to Washington and turned your White House into a ...Hot House! And I don't mean one in which you can grow tomatoes! (...Hyuck-yuk, chortle-chortle....)

In conclusion, Mr. President, please allow me to extend to you the late Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain's famous last words, albeit somewhat paraphrased: Mr Trump, “Peace on you, in our time....”

By the way, Capricorns (Justin Trudeau) are far more ruthless than flip-floping Geminis (you, Mr. President). After all, Al Capone was a Capricorn. And like smouldering volcanos, you never know when they're gonna blow!

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