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Anthony Carr

Who accurately predicted the 2020 pandemic – and the economic crash that immediately followed! He also predicted Trump’s impeachment, 9/11, India’s Taj Mahal-ocaust, Titanic’s discovery, Michael Jackson’s Death, “murder” of Pope John Paul I – and thousands more!

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Jackie StalloneThis issue is dedicated to my late, long-time friend, Jacqueline Stallone.

“...And now my own Electrical Soul is nearly at One with Jacqueline’s, in the Realm of the Spiritual. In short, I now have one foot in the grave and the other one in Heaven (...I hope).”

Predictions & Prophecies for 2021 – AND BEYOND!

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Donald Trump“Current cling-on U.S. President DONALD TRUMP will seek – and probably win – another term after Biden's. I see a medical gurney being carried from a building on which reposes a body whose grey hair sticks out from beneath a shroud. From this point on, Trump will adopt a more moderate demeanor in order to do what's "right" for the American people, as he attempts to strategize his way back into the White House over what we’ll now refer to as his new, pre-3-year campaign. Criminal charges notwithstanding.”

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January 2021 Issue

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This just in!
Some people are having a harder time than others adjusting to the pandemic. But not this well-adjusted fellow, who seems to still have all of his marbles (...sort of). Check out Cabin Fever 2020, an introspection to how we all are feeling as 2020 comes to a close.

Cabin Fever 2020 Video

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