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What does the Solar Eclipse mean for Trump?!

Why, of course... IT'S THE “DUMP TRUMP” eclipse! In 1979, the last time such a catastrophic, astronomical event occurred over America, then U.S. President, Jimmy Carter, was viciously attacked by a swamp rabbit! (...Swamp rabbit?!) [True story, more info here.]

Speaking of teeth...

Image of Trump

What's wrong, Mr. President – having trouble wrapping your Bugs Bunny teeth around the F-word? “...Fu-fu-fu....” — Aw, fuhgeddaboudit!

...Looks like Trump has already begun to enmesh us in WWIII.... As I have previously pronounced: “After he's been in office two years, the U.S. Presidency will never be the same again, after his exeunt. Never.” (Prophesied in Stargazer, Jan. 2017; to wit: “Trump warns North Korea: US military locked and loaded” Aug 11, 2017, CNN.)

“I predict President-elect Donald Trump is going to march us straight down the path to World War III – and straight into the jaws of hell!!” (Prophesied in Stargazer, Jan. 2017; to wit: “Trump warns North Korea: US military locked and loaded” Aug 11, 2017, CNN.)

“After the new attacks on America, its citizens flock to Canada; its properties – priceless!” (Prophesied in Stargazer, Jan. 2017; to wit: “Thousands upon thousands of immigrant ‘Americans’ flocking North to Canada.”)

“The sudden appearance of numerous UFOs causes a frenzy of cowering and fleeing!... People disappear! (Sort of like an adult version of the Pied Piper) Most will be frightened to death when their eyes behold Them.... Yet, it is what ‘Christians’, Jews and possibly even Muslims have been praying for for eons: ...the return of ‘the Lord of hosts,’ The Messiah, Jehovah, Yahweh, Allah, God – the Star-Travelers!!” (Prophesied in Stargazer, Jan. 2017; to wit: “They are coming!!!”)

*The Sudden End of Global War!

Nostradamus: Quatrain 53, p. 162: “The law of Sun and Venus contending, appropriating the spirit of prophecy, neither one nor the other shall be heard. Then, by Sol, the law of the great Messiah shall subsist.”
Anthony's Interpretation: The forces of light and darkness – or Good and Bad – struggle for domination over the spirit of man. Yet, both shall be superseded by the New Law of The Great Savior! *Or, if I may suggest, The Great and Mighty One – the Supreme Star-Traveling God Who created us all – will halt the carnage! “Lest all flesh perish!” (Christian Bible, Koran, Pentateuch)

“...And You Shall Rise From The Very Dust To Which You Will Return. And You Shall Know Your Loved Ones, As Before. And They Shall Know You....”

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